BtWin My Bike

Black BtWin MyBike

I am a lucky owner of a white BtWin my bike since June, 2013 and today I am going to write a review for it.

The BtWin MyBike is the cheapest offering from BtWin for India and it is one of the best single speed bicycles available in the market today.

It is simple and clean from every angle, and believe me you will be surprised by the smoothness with which it rides.
It is a single speed bike and even then it is no joke! If you are fit enough to paddle around in a single speed then this is all worthy to be your baby.

The cycle comes in two colors : White and Black.
Two sizes are available for the Indian market : M and L .
The standard cycle size chart is : Cycle size

The cycle is very light weight , and comes with detachable seat post ,and detachable front wheel. Even the brakes are the detachable kind , for easy wheel replacement.

Detachable seat post :Detachable seat post picture

Detachable front wheel : Detachable front wheel picture

Detachable brake system : Detachable brake system picture

The handlebars of the bicycle are a bit on the tougher side though : handle grip picture
It does not come with any mud guard ,bell , stand or any other accessory for that matter.

The cycle is manufactured by Hero India and marketed by Decathlon.


It’s official MRP is Rs5999 , but it is available at the decathlon stores and many online stores for just Rs3999. At around Rs4000 odd bucks it is a steal!

I believe this will be the best bike for those who are just starting out cycling. Even though this is a single speed , I think you can easily convert to a geared one for some 2500 bucks ! If any one of you have tried converting any single speed to a geared bike , you can leave your comments….


3 thoughts on “BtWin My Bike

  1. Hey..just wanted to ask whether the bike will be in knocked down condition or the store will assemble and deliver …m planning to buy from the store

  2. Is it a fixie bike???

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